How Electrolux Washers And Dryers Helps Your Business

With Earth Day being this Sunday, we continue to look at the green movement that is occurring in the laundry industry. You may have heard Uniwasher talk about Electrolux’s energy efficiency in the past. Yet, you probably do not know what make Electrolux washers and dryers so eco friendly. Below, we go into the technologies Electrolux uses to save you energy and money.

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Auto Savings

First, Auto Savings kicks off the savings with the Electrolux washer. What is Auto Savings? Simply, Auto Savings weighs the customer’s clothes and adjusts the water consumption accordingly. Not all loads are equal. Ideally, the water level should be reduced if the washer is not near capacity. That is exactly what Auto Savings does. Using Auto Savings can reduce water consumption by up to 50%!

High Spin Extraction

Did you know Electrolux washers can reach up to 450 G-Force? However, this is a feature that benefits your dryer. How so? With such high extraction levels, loads come out much dryer from Electrolux washers when you compare them to other machines. Less wet clothes equal less time needed in the dryers. In addition, less dry time leads to less gas usage on the dryers. In short, Electrolux washer’s High Spin Extraction lowers your gas and electrical consumption on your dryers.

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Next, we look at the energy saving features of Electrolux dryers. EcoPower is a feature that measures the moisture inside the dryers. When the sensor notices the garments are dry, it lowers the temperature. Most importantly, this saves on gas consumed by the dryers. Over drying is not good for garments. Not only does EcoPower protect the customer’s garments, but it helps the owner reduce their gas bill.

Reversing Cylinders

Finally, all Electrolux dryers are equipped with Reversing Cylinders. Simply, Reversing Cylinders allow Electrolux dryers to rotate their drums in both directions. When drums can rotate in both directions, it reduces tangling and wrinkling. Without tangling, garments dry at a faster rate. Again, reducing the usage of your dryers and lowering your energy bills. Reversing Cylinders is especially beneficial to sheets and towels.

Electrolux Commercial Dryer

Overall, it is not one thing that makes Electrolux green. In honor of Earth Day, you now have the information to go green too. Do not forget, when you go green, you save green. Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment will lower water, gas, and electrical bills. Contact us today for more information and rates.






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