Uniwasher Has an Expert Team of Factory Trained Technicians Ready to Serve Your Business

As we look back at the past 20 years of Uniwasher, we notice the massive evolution this company has undertaken in that time. However, one thing that has been there since Day 1 is our commercial laundry repair service. Not only has our service team multiplied since those early days, but our knowledge has expanded tenfold as well.

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

Like the old country classic goes, our technicians have “been everywhere.” We are firm believers that some of the greatest learning occurs out on the field. Uniwasher’s techs have been in front and behind washers and dryers in just about any possible environment you could imagine. New laundromats, rundown laundromats, boats, hurricane ravaged buildings, hotels, basements, penthouses, hospitals, campuses, anywhere, and everywhere.

That being said, Uniwasher also believes in obtaining knowledge directly from the source. Our professional technicians have attended courses and seminars directly from the manufactures in New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, and many other states. We send our techs to every Clean Show to absorb as much information as possible. Also, every technician enrolls and graduates from Alliance Laundry Systems University. We take advantage of every resource available to us to provide our clients the very best in field service.

Any Job

Our expertly trained technicians do so much more than just fix your broken washers and dryers (even though we do that really, really well). Uniwasher’s techs will make sure that your new equipment is professionally installed. They can even correct poorly installed, existing equipment. They will program and customize your wash cycles to your satisfaction. Uniwasher’s service team is also proficient in setting up smart dosing for your laundry room. Our techs will have your washer and chemical pumps in sync in no time. Any laundry owner knows how clogged up dryers can become with lint. Schedule our service team to provide a deep cleaning and free your dryers. You could even contract our service team to provide a weekly or monthly maintenance plan on your stores. This proactive agreement helps keep your equipment in shape, preventing frequent breakdowns.

Fleet Strong

Not only are our experts technicians prepared with the knowledge and experience, but also the right tools. Every Uniwasher tech has his own service van lined with the appropriate tools to get any job done. Importantly, every tech carries a personal inventory of parts with them. This helps us reduce repairs time. We are sure our customers appreciate when we can repair a washer the same day, instead of having to return the next day with a missing part. Speaking of timely matters, our techs all have live GPS that we manage from our office. This helps us route our service calls in the most efficient way possible, reducing wait times for everyone.

Uniwasher has the best service team in town and we proudly stand behind that. Any brand, any style of machine, we know we can fix it. Give us your problems, because we love to resolve them.



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