Run a Passive Business With LaundryPulse

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It is an especially exciting time in the laundry industry. Most major laundromat equipment manufacturers are stepping up in a big way to keep up with this technological revolution. Electrolux strives to be leaders of innovation for the commercial washer and dryer market. How?  With the premiere of LaundryPulse.

LaundryPulse Provider

What is LaundryPulse?

LaundryPulse is your new advantage over your competitors. This powerful, new tool gives you access to real-time data. This will help you understand and create the best strategy for your laundromat- anywhere, anytime.

24/7 Access to Your Store

  • Manage your store without having to be on site.
  • Program your equipment remotely.
  • The software will text you when there is a problem!

User Friendly Data at Your Disposal

  • Run reports for hourly, daily, and weekly statistics.
  • Develop pricing strategies with your data.
  • Evaluate and track your promotions.
  • Prioritize your most utilized machines in your maintenance.

Maximize Your Profits

  • Update your prices with real time pricing.
  • Find the most profitable price with real time pricing.

LaundryPulse is rolling out now!

 Uniwasher is your exclusive provider in South Florida. If you are ready to take a big step over your competition, contact us today!


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