How to Choose the Best Laundromat Location

Choosing the perfect location for a new laundromat business could be a daunting task. While many people may have their own ideas as to what constitutes a great laundromat location, recent years have disproven many of the older ideas. For example, the idea that a laundromat could only be successful in a low-income environment is an old one. And while a laundromat could certainly be successful in one of these neighborhoods, stores have been proven to thrive in middle-income neighborhoods as well!

An area that ranges from middle to low income is the best combination for a laundromat. To fully realize the potential of this kind of neighborhood, a full-service laundromat is the way to go. While lower income patrons will primarily utilize self-service machines, your higher income patrons will take advantage of drop off service. A Wash and Fold service in the right neighborhood nets thousands of pounds of clothes a month. These pounds translate to thousands of dollars of extra income for a laundromat. A store full of patrons with a busy Wash and Fold program is why the middle to lower income neighborhoods have proven to be so successful.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • A Stand-Alone property is the ideal location.
  • Bright stores catch the eye. Make it stand out from a distance.
  • If in a shopping plaza, make sure the plaza is well maintained and occupied.
  • A corner location is best for shopping plazas.
  • Avoid areas with too many laundromats, especially new or recently retooled ones.
  • Neighborhoods with a great mix of rental properties are best for laundromats.

Now that you know the things to keep in mind while searching for the best laundromat location, you may be wondering how to acquire that data. Without a doubt, a demographic report will provide all that information and so much more. Now, where do you get a demographic report? Have no fear, Uniwasher is here! Uniwasher will provide you with a FREE demographic report! Have a location in mind? Great, just fill in the form below, so we can get started today!






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