Uniwasher’s Turnkey Design and Construction Services

You finally decided you want to open your own laundromat. You have the funds saved up. You have a location in mind. Your vision is almost real. Then you realize: Who is going to build this store? This is where Uniwasher can help you realize your dream!

Uniwasher offers the best commercial washers and dryers in the industry. However, you are still going to need them professionally installed and laid out. With Uniwasher’s Turnkey Design and Construction Services, you can be rest assured that your new laundromat will be designed to maximize profit, space, and longevity.

Floorplan & Design

There is a certain science to creating the perfect floor plan for a laundromat. This is a science Uniwasher has perfected over the years. The perfect floor plan will utilize a store’s space as its most valuable resource. It’s not as easy as figuring out how many machines can be crammed into a store. Uniwasher makes sure washers are laid out strategically in a mix of sizes to encourage upselling. Any good store also understands the value of space for folding tables and counter sales. Nothing is worse than a laundromat where everyone is squeezing by each other and there is no room for folding. Having the proper space to process Wash & Fold and counter sales is also a crucial source of income for most stores. All these aspects need to be analyzed before machines are even purchased.


Our Laundromat Construction team can help you build any specific vision you have for your new store. We can customize everything, including bulkheads, countertops, restrooms, floors and ceilings, and color schemes. Your laundromat’s theme will be fully visualized. On top of the overall look of your store, the installation of all your new equipment is just as important. Uniwasher will take care of all your plumbing, electrical, and gas work with its fully-trained, licensed staff. The appropriate permits and paperwork would be submitted. Once Final Inspection is passed, your store is ready to go!

Share with us your vision. Do not stress the thousands of steps it will take to open your doors for the very first time.

Contact Uniwasher today and let us take care of everything!


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