Wet Cleaning Let’s Your Customers Clean Their Prized Items While Being Kind to the Environment

With the start of the holiday season comes the influx of office Christmas parties and family gatherings. As everyone begins to get their outfits together, they realize that they need to send their dress or suit to the cleaners. People spend a lot of hard earned money on these outfits to look good for these events. It would stand to reason that they want their garments to remain fresh and last longer. That is where Wet Cleaning comes in!

Wet Cleaning is the solution to dry cleaning. Instead of using harsh chemicals, such as perc, Wet Cleaning uses fiber-friendly detergents. It combines the gentle process of hand-washing with the efficiency of professional cleaning. With a Wet Cleaning system, you’ll be able to clean garments that until now were considered dry clean only. Colors are brighter, fabrics are softer, and the smell is fresh and clean.

With the harsher, traditional chemicals like perchloroethylene (perc), your fabrics pay the price. Nobody wants to find yellow, dry cleaning stains on their outfits. Dry cleaned clothes have also been known to have a “chemically” smell. The color on your garments fade faster with dry cleaning when compared to Wet Cleaning.

And as an always welcomed bonus, Wet Cleaning is so much better for the environment! With Wet Cleaning, you do not have to worry about contaminating the ground water with perc. And your neighbors will appreciate the cleaner, perc-free air.

Give your customers the better solution. Setting up a Wet Cleaning system is even simpler than you can imagine.


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