Know Your Equipment: Which Parts Will I Need to Replace Most Often?

Your commercial washers and dryers have been engineered to last for many years. With proper care and maintenance, your equipment could benefit from an even longer lifespan. Just like your car, you will occasionally have to replace parts to keep everything running smoothly. Uniwasher has gathered a list of common laundry parts you will need to replace most often.

1. Drain Valve

One of the more common issues you will find on a washer is the water not draining properly. Most of the time, the cause can be found in the drain valve. Before replacing it, check to see if it is simply clogged. عايز العب العاب Overtime, drain valves will collect clutter that will clog your draining process. If your commercial washer is still not draining properly after a good cleaning, it may be time to finally replace the drain valve.

2. Belts

Both your washer and dryer rely on heavy duty belts to turn their tubs and drums, respectively. Just like the belts in your vehicle’s engine, these belts will eventually break down with mileage. If you notice that your washer or dryer have stopped spinning, it could mean the belt needs to be replaced. The good news is, this is a cheap and easy part to replace.

3. Diaphragms

We already discussed the likely culprit of when your washer is not draining properly. What about when the washer is not filling properly with water? You will want to look towards your water inlet valves. You may notice a leak that could be the cause of your problem. دانى الفيس Thankfully, most of the time, you just need to replace the diaphragm within the water inlet valve. Diaphragms are some of the cheapest parts you will find for commercial washers. قوانين الاونو It is always a good idea to have a few on hand.

4. Gaskets

Like the previously mentioned belts, your washer and dryer both have gaskets as well. They both prevent leaks from occurring at the machine’s door. For your washer it is water and for your dryer it is heat. With time, gaskets will build up mildew and begin to tear apart. If you see water coming out of your washer door or your dryer isn’t retaining heat properly, look to replace the rubber gasket. Removing and replacing gaskets is a relatively easy task that you could do yourself.

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