Why Your Business Should Always Choose Authentic Replacement Parts

What may be cheaper at first, may end up costing you a lot more down the road. This applies to most things in life. Your laundromat equipment is no exception. Today’s market is flooded with aftermarket parts. Cheaply made imitations of the authentic parts for your washer and dyers.

Aftermarket parts have been known to damage commercial laundry equipment, not replicate the efficiency of an original part, and even possibly void the warranty of the equipment. Uniwasher encourages its customers to choose authentic replacement parts every time.

The same care and engineering that goes into building and designing your professional laundry equipment also goes into your authentic parts. Genuine parts are held to a higher standard and made from exact specifications for your commercial washer or dryer. These parts are manufactured to fit and work perfectly alongside your equipment’s original pieces. Authentic parts are tested rigorously to guarantee these results.

Extend Your Equipment’s Lifetime

Commercial laundry equipment that has been properly cared for and maintained have been known to last for decades. Buying authentic parts is key to that longevity. Getting the most out of your investment is important for all laundry owners. Genuine parts will keep your investment going for longer than you would have imagined.

Preserve Your Utilities

Modern commercial laundry machines are engineered to save as much as possible in utilities. The more water, gas, and electricity you save, the more money you save. Plus, it’s great for the environment. Authentic parts are designed to keep your washers and dryers as energy efficient as the day that you got them. The lower quality in aftermarket parts have been known to lose the machine’s energy saving benefits.

Protect Your Investment

You decide to save a few dollars and buy aftermarket parts to repair your washer. Then you realize those aftermarket parts did not fix the machine. What’s worse, they further damaged your washer. You try to run your factory warranty, only to be told that you voided it by using aftermarket parts! Now what? Your simple repair just got a lot costlier. We hate to see it, but it has happened before. Protect your investment and warranty with authentic parts. Also, when you buy genuine parts, they have their own warranty!

Authentic Parts Waiting For You!

Uniwasher has thousands of parts in stock, ready to go, both in-store and online. Give us a call to speak with one of our parts experts today and get your equipment back up and running!


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