Benefits of an On-Premise Laundry for the Hospitality Industry

If you currently use a commercial linen service for your resort, you have likely wondered about other solutions. Having your own on-premise laundry equipment (OPL) can provide many benefits to your operation. To determine if bringing your laundry in-house with your own washers and dryers is right for your business, you will want to look at 3 benefits: Money Savings, Linen Control, and Faster Turnaround.

Money Savings

With hotels and motels, the more linens they use, the more they will benefit from an on-premise laundry. The higher the volume, the larger the savings. A proper OPL operation can save your business up to 40% on linen laundry costs when compared to sending it out to a commercial linen washer.
If your business is not ready for the cost of purchasing new OPL washers and dryers, it could always benefit from a lease. A lease with Uniwasher will grant you brand new equipment with no upfront costs and all the immediate benefits!

Linen Control

One of the largest costs to any hospitality business is linen replacement. Whether they are getting constantly damaged or lost when being sent out to an outside company, you have little control over that situation. Bringing your laundry in-house gives you complete quality control. You will have peace of mind knowing that your linens are being washed in top of the line equipment and supervised by your staff. No more accounting for missing pieces in deliveries either. Our high extract washers greatly reduce drying time which also extends the life of your linens.

Faster Turnaround

When you resort to using an outside linen cleaning service, you are required to keep a larger inventory of linens than you would normally require. You would have a set that would stay at the hotel, while the other set is being cleaned. Using your own OPL equipment reduces the amount of spare linens you would have to keep around to operate. A hotel may clean their linens at their own pace. By keeping it in-house and removing the delivery aspect of linen cleaning, it reduces their waiting time immensely. Linens can be ready the same day instead of waiting till the next day or week even.

If you believe you are ready to for an on-premise laundry at your business, Uniwasher is here to help. Take advantage of our Free Laundry Assessment this month! One of our professional team members will analyze your space and together, we will design the best plan for you!

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