Ensure Your Healthcare Facility’s Linens Meet the Highest Hygiene Standards With Electrolux Barrier Washers

Safety is always a top concern at Uniwasher. From our staff to our customers, providing a safe environment is crucial. This is especially true for our Healthcare clients. Many healthcare facilities face the difficult challenge of dealing with contaminated linens. It is a serious scenario, but Uniwasher has found the perfect equipment solution.

Introducing Electrolux Professional On-Premises Laundry Barrier Washers for your healthcare facility’s laundry operation.

When it comes to hygiene control, Electrolux understands there is no room for compromise. Which is why healthcare providers trust Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Barrier Washers to get the job done. مباريات اليورو 2022
In healthcare institutions where infection outbreaks can put lives in danger, why risk contamination? With Electrolux Professional in-house laundry solutions and their Barrier Washers, you gain full control over your linen hygiene and gain the peace of mind that external suppliers can’t provide.

Never heard of a barrier washer? The concept is quite simple. A barrier washer is installed in a precise space in a wall that separates two rooms. محفظة بايير The barrier washer has two openings, one for each room. The contaminated linens are placed inside the barrier washer from one room by a staff member wearing protective clothing. العاب بلبل The washer then cleans and decontaminates the linens. When the cycle is done, another employee safely removes the clean linens from the other room, never coming into contact with the germs that were in the first room. Electrolux Professional is the global expert in linen hygiene and offers the broadest range of solutions and best program flexibility on the market. Everything is developed in close cooperation with global hygiene experts.

Electrolux Professional On-Premises Laundry Barrier Washers features include:

  • The Hygiene Watchdog function

  • Certus Management Information System

  • The Power Balance optimized drum design and intelligent technology

The unique features of the Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Barrier Washers allow you to control and document all operations to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness. You will also maximize productivity and keep costs low at the same time.
As you would always expect from Electrolux equipment, their barrier washers are designed with conservation in mind. With the Integrated Saving System, you can accomplish hygiene control and save on water and energy!

If you are ready to take control of your healthcare facility’s laundry room, while providing a safe environment for your staff, contact Uniwasher to get you started!

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