Electrolux Coin Dryers: A Closer Look

At Uniwasher, we always want to provide our customers with the best laundry solutions. That is one reason why we can firmly stand behind Electrolux dryers. Not only did Electrolux manufacture a reliable, commercial dryer, they made it the most efficient in the industry. Built to last, Electrolux dryers are precision-engineered for efficiency, ease of use, and superior drying results. You will use less gas and dry faster than with competing brands. You’ll appreciate the “green” engineering, cost savings, easy operation, and years of low maintenance.

The Facts

  • Up to 25% in gas savings with axial airflow, tight construction, andreversing cylinders
  • Save up to an additional 15% of energy consumption with EcoPower.Less wear-and-tear on garments and prevents over-drying
  • Best lint screen in the industry – easiest and quickest to clean, ergonomically designed
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Excellent water evaporation efficiency per kWh
  • Reversing drums (standard) reduces energy consumption, prevents tangling, andlaundry dries more quickly
  • 120 volt, single-phase for easy installation

If you really want to go for ultimate savings and efficiency, pair Electrolux dryers with Electrolux High G-Force washers. This combination of top-of-the-line engineering will give your customers increased load capacities, faster drying, less wear and tear on garments, lower energy consumption, and time savings. Your customers will have a favorite, neighborhood laundromat! You’ll appreciate the “green” engineering, cost savings, easy operation, and years of low maintenance.

Want to see the Electrolux dryers for yourself? Come to our Fall Open House Oct. 10th, 2017 where you can see it in person and meet with factory experts who can give you an in-depth look and answer any questions. We will be running our best prices of the year, with exclusive financing offers! It is the best time of the year to upgrade your dryers to best in the industry!

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