Benefits of Financing Your Equipment with Uniwasher

Did you know that Uniwasher offers financing on equipment year-round? It’s a benefit we love to provide our customers. We want our clients to walk out with their new equipment as soon as possible. So if we offer financing all year, what makes our financing so special at our Open House events? Two things: Sales and Better Rates!
If you had not heard yet, we are having our Fall Open House Tuesday October 10th, 2017! Below, you can see how to take advantage of our specials next month. And don’t forget to register!


At Uniwasher, we figure that the less you will have to finance, the less you will have to pay monthly. One guaranteed way to pay less is to purchase your new washers and dryers for the lowest price possible. If you attend our Fall Open House, you will witness the lowest prices of the year on our equipment! Not only do we drop our prices, but the factory provides direct rebates to help you get the best prices possible. You will see discounts of over 40% on Electrolux and Wascomat washers and dryers.
Need to replace just 1 or 2 washers? We will have special pricing for that! Want to replace all those old dryers? We will have specials when for large purchases! Whatever you are looking for, we will have a great price for you!

Better Rates!

The other great benefit of financing at a Uniwasher Open House event is we are able to offer lower interest rates than any other time of the year. Again, we have to thank our friends at the factory for extending better rates for our clients at these events. Uniwasher has specialized financing plans for everything from a couple of machines to an entire new store. You can even throw in construction costs into financing! Low rates, minimum down payments (if any), low monthly payments. We want our customers to walk away feeling confident that they can afford their new commercial washers and dryers.

Reserve Your Spot Today

You can only take advantage of our sales and special financing by attending our Fall Open House. These specials are 1-Day Only and space will be limited. Make sure to click below to register and guarantee your spot at the Open House. By registering and attending, you are automatically qualified for our raffles, including our Grand Prize, a washer and dryer for your home! Come have a bite and drink on us, tell us your store goals, attend an industry seminar, talk with our industry vendors, and of course, enjoy yourself!

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Email us: info@uniwasher.com
Call us: (800) 704-9281






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