Benefits of a Coin Laundry for Multi-Housing Properties

Outfitting every unit in a multi-housing property with its own washer and dryer could be an expensive endeavor. What may seem like a nightmare for landlords and property managers, could have a very simple solution. Creating common space laundry rooms for tenants has many benefits. Not just for the landlords, but for the tenants as well.

Landlord Benefits

Simply comparing costs, it would take a lot less money and work for landlords or property managers to have a common space laundry, than to put a washer and dryer in every single unit. First off, they would need less washers and dryers since the tenants will be sharing the equipment in the laundry room. Less equipment would not be an issue either, because people do their laundry at different hours of the day and different days of the week. Instead of having washers and dryers sitting unused most of the week in every unit, the landlord will have less equipment that will be used more frequently in the common space laundry room. ivermectin injectable for sheep
By using coin operated equipment, the landlord will easily cover the utilities consumed by the machines with any minimal vending price. With a few turns per day, it would even generate a profit for the owners. ivermectin 5 mg tablet Now they have an additional stream of revenue where there was not one before. side effects of deworming for heartworms in dogs with ivermectin The capital investment for coin operated washers and dryers could almost be completely reduced by entering a leasing agreement with a company like Uniwasher. Uniwasher would place new washers and dryers at no cost to the landlordand split the revenue that comes in. The landlord receives new equipment at no cost and covers the expense of utilities with their earnings from their portion of the revenue sharing. There is also no stress in repairing or maintaining the equipment, since they would belong to Uniwasher. If a washer or dryer goes down, Uniwasher would send one of its technicians to repair the machine at no cost.

Tenant Benefits

Every tenant would love to have more space in their apartment. Especially in cities like Miami, where rents are high and square footage is low. Having a common space laundry room in a building gives those tenants more space. No washer or dryer in the unit also means smaller water and electrical bills for the tenants. A tenant would likely have to wait longer for a repairman if they had their own machines in their unit. If a machine goes down in a building laundry room, chances are there is another machine readily available.

Going Green- Energy Efficiency

Having a common space laundry room in a building is much more energy efficient than having washers and dryers in every unit. When tenants must pay for their laundry, they tend to do larger loads, which take the machines closer to their capacity. This translates to less loads done overtime, less utilities used, and more money saved for the tenant and the landlord. People tend to do smaller, more frequent loads of laundry when they have their own machines in their units, wasting more utilities for the same amount of clothes if they had just combined it into one load. Being environmentally friendly is great, but it is even better when it saves you money.

If you believe it is time for a change in your building or property, send Uniwasher a message or call us. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we can assist you in designing the right purchase or leasing plan for you with the right equipment.

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