Laundromat Assessment: What is it?

Welcome to our brand spanking new blog! With nearly 20 years in the Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry, Uniwasher is eager to share our expertise with you. Make sure to comeback weekly for new posts filled with insight and tips to help grow your business. This week, we take a look at laundromat assessments.

  • This week, we take a look at laundromat assessments. Every laundromat owner has walked into their store and wondered: Am I getting the most out of my business? Have my profits reached their maximum? Are my customers getting the best experience from my laundromat? These are all important questions for any business owner to have, especially laundromat owners.

  • These are all important questions for any business owner to have, especially laundromat owners. A professional laundromat assessment is a multi-aspect service that will help answer these questions. A laundromat assessment will evaluate the quality and efficiency of your commercial laundry equipment, your floor plan and space management, and your customer satisfaction.

The best part about an assessment is that you can get one for free! Uniwasher will take the time to visit your laundromat and guide you with the knowledge we have acquired over the past 20 years!

Why Have a Laundromat Assessment?

  • Get the Most Out of Your Machines

    Your washers and dryers will not generate any revenue if they are down. Our dedicated service team will get your coin laundry equipment running again and pinpoint any maintenance needed before a breakdown happens. During the laundromat assessment, Uniwasher will also evaluate your equipment to make sure they are at their most efficient. Utilities are a coin laundry’s highest expense, so you want to make sure your machines are working for you to keep your cost down.

  • Floor Layout and Space Management

    Nothing is worse than washing your clothes and finding all the dryers occupied. That is why it is important to have an efficient washer/ dryer ratio. Customers also don’t want to walk across the store just to reach a dryer. There is also a fine art to your floor layout and where to place your different sized commercial washers. If done correctly, your customer has more options in picking a washer and would likely choose a larger one.

  • The Customer Experience

    If your customer forgets their laundry supplies, you want to be there for them with your own products. A well-stocked, well-organized, and strategically priced counter of laundry supplies is an obvious way to boost your profits and fill a need for your customers. Do you offer your customers free Wi-Fi? Vending machines? Sitting space? TV? Keep your customers busy and entertained while they wait for their laundry to finish. How is your social media interaction with them? You want to make sure that you are their #1 choice in laundromats. Uniwasher’s laundromat assessment will make sure that you are that store.

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